What Will Attending an Event Be Like In 2020?

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Smartphones have fundamentally changed the way we order food, get a taxi, and connect with our friends. So why does attending an event still feel like it did in 1995? Sure, you might be able to present a QR code for scanning, but ultimately, the vast majority of events are supported by an infrastructure that fails to incorporate any of the meaningful technological advances made in the last 20 years.

Thankfully, that’s changing. Within five years, event technology is poised to radically transform every aspect of the event experience.

Here’s how attending an event in 2020 will be different than today:

You’ll be buying your ticket in an app, and not on web/mobile web.

Why? The experience is better, hands down. Reading yet another fluff piece about the enduring dominance of Duke’s basketball dynasty and get the urge to buy a ticket to a game? You’ll be able to do it right in the app. As marketers get smarter about how to use deep linking technologies to serve full-service ticketing experiences within different app environments (e.g. ESPN for tickets), we will see this dynamic become more prevalent.

You’ll lose the ticket and enjoy seamless Bluetooth event access.

In five years, it will be standard to have your ticket validated via a unique, low-frequency bluetooth emission from your phone. That’s it. You will literally just walk into the venue. The technology for this exists today, but it’s only being used in places where a tech-focused company controls the entire event experience.

You’ll be paying for stuff at the event with your ticketing app.

Ticketing companies are going to have a huge opportunity to be first movers in mobile commerce; you will soon be able to pay using your ticketing app. Your credit card info will either be embedded into the QR code on your ticket, or you will be able to use Bluetooth to pay with your ticketing app using a next generation POS system.

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