3 Technology Must Haves For Every Event Planner

There are 3 Things Every Professional Expects From Technology When Planning An Event

By Jonathan Tock

Bringing in technology when planning an event can be both nerve-wrecking and scary, but it can also take your event to the next level. Most event planners are pros because they have done the same thing for the last 10 years, and they have seen success come from that. What these Planners don’t understand is the amount of guests they are missing! Technology fills the gap where there are 1000’s of event goers that never hear about your event. These three things are what every Event Professional should come to expect to receive from an event.

Cost Savings

Apps such as Palaroo take away any need for a physical map. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars and the possibility of any mistakes occurring. Once a map is printed there is no going back, and like any good Event Planner knows if you don’t keep your vendors happy then no-one is happy.

Another cost savings measure is something most of us use every day.  It is completely free to start an event on Facebook and then promote that event through the Facebook channels you already have. Not only does this give you a notification platform, but it sets the standard for promoting your event. This leads me to the next benefit of technology

Simple Social Media Transitions

This means that through most apps you can seamlessly post notifications and share other posts through the app! Why waste precious time coming up with original content when most app companies will do it for you? The transition is only a share button away.

With apps such as Palaroo you have much more control to immediately notify those who are interested in your event. Many times your event can get lost and mumbled if you don’t know the “Facebook Rules”. This takes both time and money to fix while Palaroo has created a community that already is watching for notifications from your event. This means immediate primetime right in your event goers hand!

Immediate data tracking

What better tool to have than knowledge of your event. If you can promise a sponsor that last year over 10000 people viewed their advertisement  then you may have a sponsor for life. Using a native app such as Palaroo gives you the ability to track everything about your event. This has value to vendors, sponsors, and users!

Users have the ability to play a check in challenge game or check the schedule while vendor can make sure that the game has them stopping by their booth and the sponsor has their logo prominently displayed! This makes your event great and keeps your sponsor happy all because you have the knowledge to show them critical data.

So next time you are planning your event the same old way step back for a moment and think about how technology and an app such as Palaroo can truly take your event to the next level in this industry!

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